• Razia Khanum
  • Mother

Razia Khanum (mother of Dr. Shagufta Perveen) born to Muhammad Shabbir Khan and Akhtari Begum on July 1, 1961, at Dinajpur, East Pakistan (separated on December 16, 1971, Bangladesh). Her father and elder brother worked in Pakistan Army and later moved to Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation from where they both retired.

During the 1971 riots, the whole family moved to Karachi, Pakistan along with the husbands’ and other relatives’ families.

Razia Khanum is a housewife and she made her husband’s dream come true as she worked hard on her kids and their education and they successfully graduated from different institutes. They are now working at multiple locations in Pakistan and abroad. Currently, she is resting at home and supervising her three daughters-in-law.